F. Virtue – “May: Protective Spells”

blame it on JES7 June 4, 2016

While most rappers have taken a head-on approach by releasing new music on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, Fameless Fam representative — and one of the first openly-gay emcees (not that sexual orientation should matter, the music should) has opted to take a slightly different route.

Set on releasing his new album, The Things I’d Talk to Harry About sometime next year via J57’s FiveSevenMusic imprint, the Lower East Side rapper has been delivering new music at the end of every month, for the next seven or so months, with each song having a theme specifically tied to each month. The entire campaign started off with “January: Mourning Meditations,” and now that May has concluded, F. Virtue is back with the Steel Tipped Dove-produced “Protective Spells.”

As he puts it:

“I wish true love was magic in real life like in fairy tales, so I could just hug you off your scary trail. I still tried it. I failed.”

>Because in the end, all we can do is always be there and do our best to support, but it all comes down to the person going through it to get themselves out.

“Be an escapist all you want, but you can’t escape you. Go wherever the fuck you want, you’ve nowhere to escape to.”