Beyoncé Has Been Sued Over ‘LEMONADE’ Film

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 9, 2016

A day after it was announced Beyoncé’s LEMONADE had sold a million copies, it was revealed she is getting sued over the film that debuted the album in April on HBO.

According to Matthew Fulks, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, LEMONADE allegedly stole multiple aesthetic scenes from his short film Palinoia.

But how would Beyoncé and her creative team have seen Fulks’ short film, let alone steal scenes from it? The Hollywood Reporter summarizes how Fulks believes Beyoncé’s label got ahold of it:

Fulks says he was contacted about the opportunity to direct a video by the Columbia-signed musical group MS MR, and as a result, links to Palinoia were sent to others including Bryan Younce, who has created videos for Beyonce and has been credited on her self-titled 2013 album. The lawsuit claims that in July 2015, Younce requested Fulks’ email and that later he send the plaintiff a note acknowledging that he had received his “info” with an invitation to submit a treatment for consideration by Columbia.

Shortly after he sent out his short film, the filming for LEMONADE began, THR points out.

In the whole lawsuit, which you can read here, Fulks points out nine scenes from both films where comparisons can be drawn, along with comparisons in voiceovers, mood and setting, audio mixing and more. Take a couple of these clips for example.

beyonce-lawsuit beyonce-lawsuit beyonce-lawsuit

Yoncé better bring her bat back out.