DaM-FunK – “Human Dust”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 9, 2016

There are times in a producer’s career where they’re just in an absolute groove. Organized Noize from ’94 to ’99, Dre from ’88 to ’93, Kanye from ’01 until ’11. But over the last couple years, while not on the level of the aforementioned, it seems as if DaM-FunK has found himself in one of those grooves where everything he drops can slide right in rotation before even having to listen to it.

His latest loosie, “Human Dust,” adds to the long list of funky, emotional, spinable tunes which includes Invite The Light, “Secure,” DJ Kicks, “Special Friends,” “Won’t Stop” and plenty more. Recorded YESTERDAY, Dam delivers layers of soothing synthesizers floating through the air and calmly landing in your ear canals. It’s one of those press-play-and-your-worries-leave-for-seven-minutes type of songs.

Now press play and let your worries leave for seven minutes below.