Future Sued By Rocko For $10 Million

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 9, 2016

Man, so what’s this now, $25 million in lawsuits against Future? And those are the ones we know about.

According to TMZ, Futche is being sued by Rocko, his former manager and the man who signed him to A-1 Recordings, for the tune of $10 million.

Why so much money? Rocko says that Future signed a six-album deal with A-1 — a deal he eventually maneuvered around by signing a distribution deal with Epic Records, which “scored him huge multi-million dollar advances,” TMZ said. Rocko said he’s owed 25 percent of whatever advances Future got, and he said he’s also owed 20 percent of whatever profits he’s made from touring, merchandise, endorsements and whatever other outside ventures he’s made.

So after all that, Rocko said he’s owed $10 million. Future’s learning about the people who come after your money after you have it the hard way.

After hearing about the lawsuit, Future had some not-so-subtle things to say to Rocko on Twitter.

To which Rocko had some words to respond.

I’m glad to see we’re all adults here.