Lil Dicky – “Molly” f. Brendon Urie (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 9, 2016

For his latest trick, Lil Dicky captures the agonizing pain of watching the girl he’s still in love with get married in his “Molly” video.

There’s no happy ending, no ultimate “he’s gonna get her back” conclusion. Just sadness while everyone around David Burd, including his friends, are hooking up and having the time of their lives while he struggle to put on a smile for the groom and bride, whom, mind you, he’s still in love with. And the worst part is, he knows it’s his fault they’re no longer together.

Admittedly, this is Dicky’s “softest” song, as his videos are typically a bit more upbeat and entertaining. But there’s nothing upbeat and entertaining about watching the girl you’re still in love with commit her life to someone who isn’t you.

Watch the Professional Rapper single’s video above.