Snoop Dogg’s First Pitch Is As Terrible As 50 Cent’s First Pitch

blame it on Meka June 9, 2016

So… this “throw an awful first pitch” thing is nothing more than a marketing ploy, right? Because I’m convinced it is at this point.

Clearly, because 50 Cent had a project coming out when he chucked his ball into the cameras. Plus it’s 50 Cent: the guy thrives on making headlines. Then I thought that things were all good and well when Chance The Rapper threw his pitch (relatively) straight down the middle. Then comes Snoop Dogg. Calvin (or DJ Snoopadelic), who was scheduled to do a set following the San Diego Padres-Atlanta Braves matchup, went and pulled this out of his locks…

Stick to your day job, Calvin. Your new album, Cool Aid, arrives July 1st, and you don’t have to clock someone in the head with a baseball to get them to buy it.