starRo – “YAMS” f. Masego

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 10, 2016

There is one thing many of us can agree on no matter the time, day, month, decade or century: our love of yams. And we’re not talking the yams Vernon Davis loves.

We’re talking the yams Masego‘s been in love with since his “Girls That Dance” days. We’re talking the the type of yams that, when a woman’s got them, you can’t help but repeatedly yell out “You got yams, yams, you got yams, yams, yams, you got yams” because you’re so happy you see a woman with the yams.

For his latest ditty, Masego joined starRo on, well, “YAMS,” a tune dedicated to the aforementioned situation. There’s one rule, though, if you’ve got the yams: “you can’t just have it — you’ve gotta use it.” Next time you’re out and drunk, don’t be surprised if you walk by someone with the yams and have this hook playing in your head on loop.