Nickelus F – “No Feel”

blame it on JES7 June 11, 2016

To say that Virginia-based emcee Nickelus F releases music at a very random and sporadic rate would be one of the bigger understatements of the year. The last time we heard from him was in September of 2015, when he released his last full-length project Triflin’. Before that? He released his VA hometown anthem “Richmond,” which was in 2014.

But see, the thing about Nickelus is, despite such drawn-out intervals between releases, he is always hitting his mark when he does deliver new music — a consummate artist with an impeccable focus on quality over quantity.

Following his nine month sabbatical, Nick is back with “No Feels,” where he chronicles the amount of f*cks he gives (hint: zero), his worries about being pulled over by the police, and overall, being desensitized to pain, heartache and misery.