At Long Last, Donald Glover Will Finally Be In ‘Spider-Man’

blame it on Meka June 14, 2016

Some years back, fans of Donald Glover launched a petition for him to succeed Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker in the reboot The Amazing Spider-Man with the hashtag #Donald4Spiderman. While he did not get the role (it, of course, went to Andrew Garfield), he would actually voice Miles Morales, the African-American version of Spider-Man, in the animated series Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors in 2014.

Now that his upcoming show on FX, Atlanta, will debut in September, it appears that ##Donald4Spiderman has finally succeeded somewhat. Now that Marvel Studios has reclaimed the rights to the hero, following his appearance in Captain America: Civil War they will reboot the series once again with Spider-Man: Homecoming. While the titular role has already been given to Tom Holland, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting Donald will join Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, and Zendaya in the film.

Homecoming is Sony’s reboot of its Spider-Man franchise, which it has partnered with Marvel to produce, and the movie is due to begin production later this month.

Tom Holland is starring as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in a story that takes the character back to his high-school roots.

While he isn’t the Web Slinger, this is a dream that has come full circle of sorts for Glover, all thanks to a hashtag six years ago.