Miguel – “Adorn (Esta Remix)”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 17, 2016

Miguel‘s “Adorn” has been one of the best R ‘n’ B songs out since it dropped back in 2012 (alongside Jeremih’s “Oui” and a handful of others). Giving the song an unneeded but more-than-welcome new twist is Esta, who delivered a remix of the song titled “adorn riddim.”

Staying true to its name, the remix has a slower tempo to pair with various samples giving the song a deep, head-bobbing island vibe. Seeing as Esta has a habit of using gorgeous women as the artwork for his loosies, and Miguel often details the sensual things he’d like to do to gorgeous women, this was a match made long before the idea was even thought of.

Esta said he’s deleting the remix soon, so get in as many listens as you can below.