Vince Staples Covers FADER’s Summer Music Issue

blame it on Meka June 20, 2016

With his fans anxiously awaiting the next project from him, Prima Donna, Vince Staples has now graced the cover of FADER’s Summer Music issue, following Rae Sremmurd.


In the issue, Vince — as normal and hilarious as ever — speaks on being one of the most prominent young voices in rap today, growing up in Long Beach, CA, his life experiences with a myriad of hardships (gangs, racial profiling, and a failed educational system), and how all of that inspires him to create powerful, complex music designed to incite change.

Some choice quotes:

Growing Up In The Hood: “At 14 years old, the problem was, ‘Man we really have to kill these n****s.’ Not what real hip hop was and who was Top 5. N****s from my neighborhood are dying and getting 15-to-life, and people use music as a distraction. I didn’’t feel connected to hip hop growing up. I never wanted a chain or a mansion. I just wanted n****s to stop dying.””

Dumb rappers need teaching: ““Rappers is busters. N****s can’’t lie to me. I’’ve been around too long. Rappers be tucking their tiny T-shirts in to baggy jeans just to show they bought a $500 dollar belt. They ain’’t shooting nobody, bro.””

No I.D., on Staples’s talent: ““Vince has a street perspective and an indie perspective as well. His tastes are different, more diverse. He blends storytelling with the street perspective. He definitely has the potential and ability to become one of the greatest of his generation.””

Watch Vince try to explain… well, Vince Staples, in this interview below.