B.o.B. – “Summers Day” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 21, 2016

B.o.B. returned today with a new video for “Summers Day,” which landed on his F.I.R.E. mixtape released at the beginning of the year. January probably wouldn’t have been the greatest time to drop a video with the sun-kissed scenes — which feature a man in a Shaun The Sheep costume shot through a fisheye lens — this video has, but the second official day of summer is the perfect time.

But I’ve gotta be real. My emotions have been played with over the past couple days.

There was a point in time over the weekend where B.o.B. was unverified on Twitter. This man, whom we’ve all know to be B.o.B. for years, with over two million followers no longer had the blue check mark verifying the account you’re following is actually run by said person.

Granted, we know the ATLien has shared some unpopular opinions on the Internet over the past six months, like, you know, THAT THE FUCKING EARTH ISN’T ROUND. And it’s all continuously preached and believed through tweets like this:

But as of today, B.o.B. was verified again. Now I’ve never in the history of Twitter heard of the site “accidentally” unverified an account. So even if it was for a couple hours, Twitter believed the person running B.o.B.’s account couldn’t have possibly been B.o.B.. And that makes me kind of smile.

Watch the video above.