Rhythm Roulette w/ DJ Dahi

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 23, 2016


Of all the Rhythm Roulette headlines that have come across my screen, this one with DJ Dahi has probably gotten me the most geeked up.

Heading to the famous Amoeba Records store in Los Angeles, Dahi, who’s produced songs for Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, Drake, ScHoolBoy Q and plenty more, walked out with Lights’ Little Machines, Torche’s Healer/Across The Shields and Hawks & Doves by iconic folk rock musician Neil Young. So, he has records from an electro-pop artist, a metal band and a folk musician. It’s certainly one of the more daunting challenges the Mass Appeal series has seen.

Dahi eventually settled on making individual beats with sounds from each record, picking up his harmonica to match the tone of Neil Young’s music for the beat that closed out the video