Consequence Shares Remix of 2007’s “Don’t Forget ‘Em” ft. Kanye West

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 27, 2016

Back in 2007, Consequence was at the peak of whatever hype he had when he dropped his debut studio album, Don’t Quit Your Day Job! — which was one of GOOD Music’s first releases and featured songs like “Grammy Family,” “Feel This Way” and “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.”

Naturally, Kanye West was heavily involved in the album, as he was one of the main producers, and he had a couple beats and verses on the project. Nine years later, though, Consequence has decided to revisit the project with a remix to the album’s second song, “Don’t Forget ‘Em.”

With bars like “Got a chip that won’t quit and a grudge that won’t budge,” it’s clear this Kanye verse was probably recorded back when the original project was put together. But nevertheless, it’s nice to hear a verse from mid- to late-00s ‘Ye, because it’s one of ‘Ye’s rapping peaks, and this verse is further evidence of that.

It seems Consequence has actually released the song as a single, so you can cop it on iTunes. Listen below.