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Spend A Day “Outside” With Seattle Emcee Dave B

blame it on Shake June 28, 2016

Ever since the DopeHouse was introduced to the talent that is Dave B, we’ve been impressed by his music. Gliding through ethereal, multi-layered production with a dense and at times soulfully sing-songy flow, every song the Seattle emcee has let loose has been one enjoyable trip after the other.

Now, the DopeHouse is proud to premiere his latest video, for “Outside” — a standout from his Punch Drunk release.

Directed by Warsame Warsame and Samuel J. Roberts, the video finds Dave B and his “dogs” kicking back under the sun.

“We took a trip to LA a few weeks and shot the ‘Worth It‘ video.” Dave B shared with 2DBZ. “We were at the homie’s house and he had the nice lawn at the crib. We’re just drinking and got hella bored but we had all of the video equipment and said ‘Let’s just shoot an impromptu video for ‘Outside.’’ The n***a had hella puppies and sh*t on his lawn. We just banged it out and made this little video.”

Check it out below. And as far as new music goes, there’s definitely reason to be excited — Dave B and the incredibly talented Sángo are releasing a joint album, Tomorrow, on July 22nd!