Wiz Khalifa Answers Playboy’s “20 Questions” About Race, Amber, Kanye & More

blame it on Meka June 28, 2016

Since phasing out the nudity, Playboy has turned into a “lifestyle meets Skinemax” magazine, and occasionally drops gems (read: Tinashe’s editorial). The long-running publication recently had an interview with Wiz Khalifa, where he played their game of “20 Questions.”

Aside from the usual ho-hum inquiries (the success of “Black & Yellow,” album details, weed, and the like), he also spoke on the 2016 Oscars’ racial issues, the random issue he ended up having with Kanye West, dealing with police brutality while growing up, and more.

Some choice quotes:

PLAYBOY: What are your thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement?

Wiz Khalifa: It’s about knowledge. A lot of people are surprised that this still exists, and when the media puts it out there, people get upset. But it’s about education and figuring out how to defend yourself and how to fight back and not be a victim. They victimize us because we don’t know. Body cameras? That shit is just to make people think we’re safe. We ain’t safe. It’s not about fighting the cops physically. You have to know how to outsmart them, and what they can and can’t do to you. That won’t make things all good, but it will help level the playing field.

There was a lot of controversy about race surrounding this year’s Academy Awards. What did you think about it?

I didn’t pay attention to that too much, because I feel like Black people are always being sh*t on. They stand up and sh*t on us publicly at the Oscars, and when you put gas on it, then it becomes a thing. Black people should boss up and say “We don’t give a f**k,” and then really not give a f**k. If you nominate me and I get an award, cool. But if you don’t, I don’t give a f**k.

You also had a very public Twitter beef with Kanye West earlier this year. What happened?

That was a weird situation, because it was something I would do in real life. All I did was speak my mind. I’m a Max B fan, and if me and Kanye were in a room and he said, “Yo, I’mma name my album Waves,” I’d be like, “Don’t do that. You’re not allowed to do that.” Nobody really does that these days. Nobody checks niggas like, “Nah, n***a.” No one is above being spoken to, and if you’ve got real friends, they’ll tell you how they feel. That’s how I handle all my situations in real life. Even if I have a problem with somebody, I’m not gonna advertise it. We can go around the corner and we can really do it. But all in front of people? That’s not me. N****s talk shit every day, and n****s say shit about my ex, n****s say shit about my kid. It’s all good. There’s competition in rap, and Kanye obviously sees me as that.

Read the entire interview here.