Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Was A ‘Jeopardy!’ Question That No Contestant Could Answer

blame it on Meka July 5, 2016

It maybe happens a couple of times a year, but every now and then the question writers of Jeopardy will put a random hip hop-related question in the mix, which almost always throws the contestants off their respective game. A few days ago it happened again, with Kanye West as the subject.

For the average schlub, the inquiry “Kanye West for giving us so many different versions to choose from of this early 2016 album” would immediately be blurted out almost unconsciously, but for the braniacs on the show? Not so much.

This wasn’t the first (or second) recent rap reference on Jeopardy! either. Fetty Wap was an answer in late 2015, but this time the contestant got it quickly.