Choosey – “Sundress” (prod. Abjo & Exile)

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 8, 2016

Florida is, for the most part, just okay. Sure, the weather is great pretty much year-round, but it’s 96 degrees today with a “feels like” of about 164,794 degrees.

Living in the state for 22 years, Florida’s reputation has been hidden, because, well, I’ve lived it. I haven’t thought it was THAT weird — the alligators, the old people, the people who stick up a McDonald’s drive-thru because their soft serve melted too fast — because it’s something you just grow up with.

But if there’s one thing in 22 years of living in Florida I’m thankful for, it’s the ability to catch a woman wearing sundress at any point of the year. You don’t really appreciate that kind of stuff until you walk around New York City in early December lucky to catch a smile let alone a human being wearing shorts ’cause it won’t hit above 50 degrees for the next four months.

And this is where Choosey comes in.

His newest song, “Sundress,” is all about the season of said garments. But being form California, he too should know that Sundress Season rarely ends when it never drops below 65 during the day.

Hit play below and appreciate sundresses with some production from Abjo and Exile to pair.