Tonedeff Returns With ‘Polymer’ LP

blame it on Meka July 8, 2016

Tonedeff has a story to tell.

Founding the indie label QN5 Music, he released The Monotone EP and his debut album Archetype, before falling (all the way) back to focus on building the label with acts like CunninLynguists, PackFM, Kokayi and Substantial.

He ultimately returned to the music world with the announcement of a new album Polymer which was laid out through a series of appetizing EPs: Glutton, Demon, Hunter, and Phantom.

Thematically, Polymer is a veritable odyssey of pain, sex, self-sabotage, reflection and triumph as the album delves equally into the four portions of Tonedeff’s personality – each assigned to their own EPs, which were released prior to their assembly here. The meaty pieces of GluttonDemon and Hunter are all stirred to great effect and then melted together by the fusing properties of Phantom, and the jumble of personalities suddenly become the perfect singular stew where each ingredient provides its own distinguishable kick to the greater dish. This is a portrait of a complete person used as platter for a four-course meal.

The project is now available on iTunes, and can be streamed below.