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Well$ – “98 Juvie (Remix)” f. Deniro Farrar (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 18, 2016

Back in 2014, buzzing rapper Well$ dropped “98 Juvie” – a rugged, banging ode to where he grew up and the type of music was listening to in the era. (Hint: if it was affiliated with Juvenile and Cash Money in 1998, Well$ was listening to it.)

But after nearly nine months of not releasing music, the North Carolina native revisits the two-year-old tune with a remix featuring fellow citymate Deniro Farrar, giving the song a video to match.

“In this internet age if you ain’t on the blogs daily and dropping music daily it’s like you don’t exist anymore,” he told us in an email. “But I’ve actually been busy doing shit.” In the lull from the public eye, Well$ said he’s been putting together a tour and albums, meeting with record labels — all the political “shaking hands and kissing babies” type stuff. But revisiting “98 Juvie” is his way of wrapping his influences, both visually and sonically, into one.

The “98 Juvie” remix video pays homage to Juvenile’s “Ha” visual, which showcased the character of the Magnolia projects — a place many of New Orleans’ best rappers came from.

“The Cartier frames, gold accents, and how he managed to stay so goddamn spiffy through the mud — that shit was just effortlessly cool to a young me,” the Well$ said of the 400 Degreez rapper’s video. “Then I starting going to New Orleans in the summer and that shit became real to me. The way he talked and moved embodied the spirit of city.”

The Charlotte rapper said he wants to do with his career what Juvenile did with the “Ha” video, which is essentially to put on for Charlotte and bring the city with him wherever he goes.

And despite his parent’s reservations of him choosing music as a way to find financial security, Well$ said Juvenile and “Ha” helped him reach the mindset he has today:

“I’d rather die doing something I love without any security then doing something purely for the security. Maybe it’s too idealistic and foolish, but fuck it… “’98 Juvie” is my testament to that.”

Watch the video below.