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Nocando – “ER”

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 20, 2016

On its surface — with drawn-out crooning and repetitive “I’m sorry” pleas — “ER” is a song about trying to fix what Nocando fucked up. But the genuine feeling of apologizing is quickly championed as you realize the name of the song is the place where Nocando sends a former lover of a new flame.

After briefly meeting the old dude at a party and claiming Nocando stole his girl, “he got all belligerent” and tried to hurt Nocando.

The end result? “He’s in the ER, baby, I’m sorry.” Being the kind man he is, Nocando even offered his location if she really wanted to go visit him — he’s at USC County Hospital.

At the onset of “ER,” Nocando aimed to blend the sounds of the two areas of Los Angeles he grew up in as a kid: South Central and the Westside.

“The language and space in the music are very Westside — very Dockweiler Beach at sunset. The chords, too,” he said in an email. “This song is inspired by dating chicks who aren’t from any hood, so their exes aren’t either and [the exes] end up doing weird passive aggressive shit that would slide where they are from, but ultimately get’s them in trouble with someone of a different temperament. That’s the South Central part.”

Listen to the Dream Panther-produced “ER” below.