Lil Bibby – “John Snow”

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 22, 2016

You know, I’m surprised I haven’t heard more Game of Thrones references in rap.

Obviously not everyone watches it, but typically the hottest shows on TV — even if they wind up being medieval fantasy epics — get looks from the rap world, from Breaking Bad, The Office, The Wire and so on. They’re easy to reference, especially when one involves a bunch of competing people (rappers) and families (labels) fighting for power and the throne (the most relevance and notoriety).

Lil Bibby, though, seems like a fan.

His newest song is called “John Snow” (we’ll excuse him spelling the name wrong) and features clips of some the show’s character’s reactions to said character (semi-spoiler alert) finding out he’s a bit more special than the rest of us.

Naturally, he references Snow’s rightful claim to the throne (despite Jon not realizing he’s even in line for it) with an aggressively passionate flow over the course of the two minutes of the song, which you can hear below.