Jay Dot Rain – “Alright (Saturday)”

blame it on Meka July 27, 2016

For whatever reason, today (July 27th) hasn’t felt like a Wednesday at all for me. For some reason it feels as if it’s Thursday, which in “New York speak” is Friday for the working professional. Yes, it’s a day early but by Friday we drones are so burned out that it just feels like a weekend holdover.

Jay Dot Rain‘s song, “Alright,” echoes that sentiment. A play on De La Soul‘s “A Roller Skating Jam Named “Saturdays”,” the Alabama native takes it a step further and proclaims that we should treat Mondays as the weekend. Dunno if I can, because I absolutely hate everything about Mondays, but that’s just me.

Jay Dot’s Cooley Fly Chronicles 3 is slated to drop in August.