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Allen Poe & Teck-Zilla – “Incandescent” f. Hannibal King

blame it on JES7 August 1, 2016

Frequent netizens of the House of Dope should be quite familiar with the work of both Kentucky emcee Allen Poe and Nigerian-born, Montreal-based producer Teck-Zilla (the latter released his Son of Sade mixtape in 2014, which still gets burn til this day).

Sonically, both artists have a similar, unique sound, so for them to connect and work on a project of their own was the next natural step. Together, the two recorded an entire EP’s worth of material, titled Light Bulb Over My Head While I’m Thinking and will be released here exclusively next Monday (August 8th).

Before the arrival of the EP, Poe and Teck give us the green-light to premiere the project’s first single, “Incandescent” featuring Queens emcee/producer Hannibal King.

“Littered across the beats are snippets from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s speech about the conscious mind, which is the entry point for Poe to touch off his various thoughts about…well, thought. From inner reflections on what to pass along to his children to musings about being socially awkward, the objective is to explore that caricature “light bulb” over one’s head while mid-thought.”