Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Is Dropping Friday

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 1, 2016

Another July has come and gone, and Frank Ocean still hasn’t dropped his next album, Boys Don’t Cry.

But just a couple hours after the month ended (on the East Coast), the Channel Orange singer’s website updated with a live-stream of a still image of what seems like a warehouse with a couple work benches in it. It’s hosted by Apple Music.

Earlier this morning, the angle of the changed from looking straight at the scene to looking at it from the side. (Crazy update, I know.) At times, ambient music has been playing now and again and sounds of wood cutting can be heard.

So pretty much, we have no damn idea what is going on here.

The last time Frank updated his website in earlier in July, he posted an image resembling a library book card with various dates — seeming to resemble dates he planned on releasing Boys Don’t Cry, with the final date stamped as “July 2016” with the exact date scratched out.

Head to Frank’s Internet home and, if you’ve got the time. stare at this stream until something comes. Because something always comes, right?

UPDATE: At long last, Boys Don’t Cry is dropping Friday, according to The New York Times. It will be an Apple Music exclusive for two weeks.

Obviously, we have reasons to have reservations. But with the recent activity and an extremely credible source (the Times — along with other respectable papers — usually clarify with multiple people before publishing), I’m a believer… for now.