The Roots Return With The Two-Part “Bittersweet”

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 3, 2016

The Roots are cashing in on those corporate checks.

After joining with Disney and ABC on “Champion” — the soundtrack for the 2016 NBA Finals — The Legendary Roots Crew link with Stella Artois for the two-part “Bittersweet.”

Where John Legend teamed with the beer company to make a song you can see, The Roots made a song you can “taste.” (Someone on the marketing team must really love Wake Up!)

And despite it being curated by a corporate company, we can just rejoice in the fact we’ve got Black Thought rapping over uptempo production from Questlove, Captain Kirk and the rest of The Roots crew.

The premise of the two parts is side A is made with “sweeter” production, and side B contrasts it with the same lyrics, but the production gets roughed up a bit to bring out “bitter notes.” Let Stella explain below:

“What does a sound taste like? Experience Bittersweet by The Roots, the first ever song you can taste. Based upon scientific research that explores the relationship between our senses, one side has been written to bring out the sweeter flavors in a Stella Artois, while the other enhances the bitter notes. Can you taste the difference?”

New music from The Roots is great, but it’s a little bittersweet that it had to come at the hand of a beer company, though, am I right????

Listen to side A, then flip over to the bitter aftertastes with side B, below.