Hot 97 Responds To Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour Insults

blame it on Meka August 5, 2016

In case you’ve been under a rock, Drake and Future’s Summer Sixteen Tour stopped in New York’s Madison Square Garden last night (August 4th), and while there Drizzy proceeded to insult perhaps the city’s most popular hip hop station, Hot 97, as well as its long-running veteran deejay Funk Flex.

“F*ck Hot 97. I told them fire Funk Flex and then I’ll do your show.”

Naturally, most ears were focused squarely on the station, Hot 97’s morning show — with Ebro, Laura Stylez & Peter Rosenberg — responded to the barbs he levied on them. Naturally, they (somewhat) back Flex (the station won’t fire him, though Peter didn’t agree on Flex inserting himself into the Drake/Meek Mill rift of 2015) while bringing up the (many) times other artists — including JAY Z, Lil Wayne, and Nas — have called out the station.

Listen, I’ve lived in New York for seven years (at the time of this piece), and I’ve seen a good 12 moments where an artist (and, in some occasions, rival radio stations) insult Hot 97. While beef is something I’ve been used to for many moons now, I just don’t see the end game of this. Eventually, Drake will one day appear at a Summer Jam (remember how Nicki and Wayne dissed and ditched them after Peter Rosenberg insulted “Starships” on stage? Yeah, she pulled up the next year and headlined), while Hot 97 will still have to play his music throughout the day. So, *shrugs*.

Meanwhile, Flex is supposed to go on one of his rants Saturday, August 6th.

UPDATE: As promised, Flex responded to Drake’s comments on air, and boy, was it lukewarm.