Dox Black & Sirplus – “Lost In the City of Dreams” (Video)

blame it on JES7 August 13, 2016

Dox releases a new visual from recent release, the World Class Time Travel EP.

In a very retro fashion, Dox takes us through a journey of being metaphorically lost in a place of beauty. This place? The island of Oahu, Hawaii. While living in Honolulu for 8 years, Dox went through an array of experiences. One of which was being homeless for a period of rough times for the now well travelled emcee.

A story of determination when it seems like all hope is lost can be found in this song. There is always two sides to every environment; the beautiful side, and the sometimes-ugly struggle to survive. The visual also carries the story into a place of triumph stemming from the arrival to the island, seemingly making a way through city & nature, & only to end up (fittingly) in the studio. This video is an excellent representation of the journey to success from hardship, and developing a way out of no way even in the most beautiful of settings.