Rhythm Roulette w/ Iman Omari

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 22, 2016

Iman Omari is the latest up in Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette challenge, where a producer picks three records at random and makes a beat using one, two or all three of them.

Usually the challenge takes the producer to a record store, but Omari’s uncle has a room with thousands of randomized records, so he went there to pick the three. After blindfolded, the Fresh Selects producer wound up with Hanni El Khatib’s Moonlight, Vintage on Vinyl The Essential Grooves Part 3, Hanni El Khatib’s Moonlight, and Earth, Wind & Fire’s Electric Universe.

Watch the Rhythm Roulette challenge above, and give Omari’s High-Loops & Higher-Loops and listen.