James Fauntleroy – “Harmless Drugs”

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 25, 2016

James Fauntleroy is in another one of those stretches where he releases a ton of music over a couple weeks before regressing back to his songwriter’s gopher hole.

So far, the stretch has brought us “Oblige,” “What The Blazes?!,” “Say Where” and now the most experimental of the group, “Harmless Drugs.”

Seemingly drawing influence from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Prince and pop and funk artists of the 1970s, Fauntleroy takes the persona of drugs themselves and puts on an innocent, fun and loving front. “I’m someone who loves you,” he sings, as if the pills and tabs you’re popping are trying to give you a last bit of assurance before you enter a recluse state.

Listen to the self-produced “Harmless Drugs” below.