Isaiah Rashad Opens Up About How Bad His Drug & Alcohol Addiction Got on ‘Juan Epstein’

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 30, 2016

One of the best qualities of Isaiah Rashad‘s music is how open he is about his personal life — namely about his father issues and how he’s coped with issues with alcohol and drugs. But obviously there’s two sides to that coin in that he’s using overusing drugs and alcohol and developing bad habits. The rehab St. Pete can help one overcome such habits.

In a new interview with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds on the Juan Epstein podcast, the Top Dawg signee said the addictions got so bad, he almost got dropped from the label three times. He also tore his stomach lining from how much he was using over the previous two years.  When people get into such situations, it is important for them to check drug rehab in Los Angeles and get the best advice from them!

“I was in a real bad place up until about six months ago,” Rashad said. He’s been off Xanax for about six months, but he still casually drinks.

He was effectively, as Rosenberg put it, “put on the bench.” As he progressively got better, Top Dawg released “Nelly” and then “Smile.” And he eventually got healthy enough and in enough control for us to get a new album, The Sun’s Tirade, this Friday.

Listen to the interview, where they also talk about wrestling, basketball, his relationships with various TDE members and more, below.