Raz Simone – “Slide”

blame it on JES7 September 3, 2016

One of my absolute favorite videos that was released in 2015 was Raz Simone‘s fresh clip for “Plottin’.”

The video, which was shot by Jacob Hill and Raz himself featured some really cool visual effects and cinematography, which perfectly matched the dark, intense ambience of the actual song. The Seattle rapper eventually went on to release his well received Trap Spirituals EP in which “Plottin” was attached to.

Today, Raz returns with his latest submission, “Slide.” On the new single, Raz disclosed:

“I wanted to capture the actual feeling. It sounds like a disgusting horrible thing- but in the moment and in your mind at the time it can be a very serene, spiritual exercise of fellowship. Sometimes there’s fear, sometimes not. It’s always intense because so much is on the line (like your life and freedom), and it’s probably happening in the first place for “good reason,” or vengeance of a prior death. So you have those emotions at play also. I wanted to capture all these conflicting emotions in the production. In the lyrics I didn’t want to glorify, I just wanted to show another angle and be real about the feelings.”