Ric Wilson – Soul Bounce (EP)

blame it on JES7 September 4, 2016

Chicago artist Ric Wilson holds many other titles besides being labeled just a “rapper.” The 21-year old — well wise above his age — also serves as a prison abolitionist and community leader for his hometown.

In 2014, Ric was also chosen as “one of the eight delegates chosen to travel to Geneva, Switzerland to represent the We Charge Genocide coalition.” After making his mark on the internets and here at the House of Dope in July with “Soul Bounce,” Ric returns with an EP of the same name.

Check it out below.

Noisey, who premiered the EP, sat down with Ric for a quick Q&A. Check out a few choice quotes below and read the entire interview here.

What do you think people should know about the new record. This is most people’s first experience with your work.
I think when people hear “Soul Bounce” they should know my first priority is for them to have fun with it. Because a lot of what I’m saying is what black people are trying to say all the time. And people don’t really listen. So hopefully the wavelengths bleed in, and if they aren’t listening to what I’m saying. I hope people hear it and want to find me, and maybe we can meet some day.

What genres influenced the sound you put together?
It’s super weird—with “Soul Bounce,” a lot of the melodies that I found come from bachata music. I’ve been listening to a whole bunch of old Aventura and Prince Royce. Their melodies are crazy. I grew up listening to bachata because my second family is Mexican as fuck. That shit has been really inspirational. I’ve been listening to this band called Hippocampus. Their dynamics—I try to put a lot of dynamics in, like a rollercoaster. British house. Prince inspired a lot of this. Oasis inspired some of it. A whole bunch of motherfuckers folks wouldn’t expect.