Happy B-Day Auntie ‘Yoncé: Chance the Rapper Gifts Beyoncé With A Song

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 5, 2016

Chance the Rapper really is just like the rest of us: he loves Beyoncé. Like, he really loves Beyoncé. He gets starstruck when she gives him a hug, and has officially reached “auntie” status in his relationship with her. (Listen to “All We Got.“)

Beyoncé turned 35 yesterday, and she spent her day at the Made In America festival — the two-day event in Philadelphia her husband puts on. Chance the Rapper performed that day, and knowing it was Auntie ‘Yoncé’s birthday, he — along with the crowd — sang his own rendition of “Happy Birthday” in the only way he and The Social Experiment know how — with a hint of jazz and a soothing melody.