Michael Christmas – “Crash Bandicoot”

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 6, 2016

I had a couple friends visit this weekend, and one of them drew some spiritual, tribal-looking head that reminded me of the one in Crash Bandicoot on a whiteboard in my apartment, and now today, Michael Christmas dropped a song called “Crash Bandicoot.”

So maybe it’s a sign I should see if my bank account could take the hit of buying a PlayStation and Crash Bandicoot and spend the rest of the day being useless and playing video games.

As Mickey pointed out on his SoundCloud, Crash Bandicoot came out 20 years ago this Friday, so I guess fate has made a decision for me.

Listen to the LordFubu-produced song below.

As a bonus, Christmas also assists Jersey rapper Angelo Mota on his new single, “All Over You.”