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Nacho Picasso & Harry Fraud – “Bloody Tissues”

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 8, 2016

Kick it back to April, and you’ll find a release from Nacho Picasso and Harry Fraud in the middle of the month in the form of “Anime Bae.”

The rapper/producer combo join once again as we premiere “Bloody Tissues.” The song is pretty gory in its lyrics (“I let the kid live because the devil yelled, ‘dibs!'”) and the video takes it a step further.

Lurking a man he’d been tracking for what probably was months, Nacho finally asked him for a little help on his car, where he knocked him out and took the victim to a slaughterhouse where he tortured the man with a platinum smile.

“‘Bloody Tissues’ is our take on a grindhouse film in ode to the Dexter’s & Ryan Gosling’s of the world that have inspired my creative journey over the years,” Picasso told us over email.

Watch the video below.