SZA Says Her New Album Will Drop Around November

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 9, 2016

The gap between albums from Isaiah Rashad (two years and seven months) is pretty similar to where SZA is at right now. (two years and five months). They were signed to TDE at the same time — at least they were announced together — and they’ve often meshed perfectly on each other’s songs.

Well, it seems SZA’s new project (assumed to be titled A to complete her trilogy of S and Z) will come out right around two month’s after Isaiah’s — just like last time around.

In an interview with ESSENCE, SZA said she recently got a release date. “[It’ll drop] near my birthday,” she said. SZA was born on November 8.

She told the magazine what type of content and feel we should expect from the album.

“Loving yourself is hard because nobody reps you like you [do], sometimes it feels like novelty and then it’s like to have pride in yourself without it feeling like novelty is weird and that’s a different kind of empowerment,” she told ESSENCE. “A real kind of empowerment. I love myself. It’s very interesting. Being a black woman is weird [but] I love it.”

There’s obviously no concrete release date, so “around my birthday” could range from a couple weeks before into the end of October up until Thanksgiving time and beyond. But the fact TDE told SZA her album has a date — at least in their mind — is a good sign.