Mac Miller Explains The Deeper Meaning Behind Anderson .Paak’s “Dang!” Hook

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 13, 2016

Lyric website Genius now has a video series called “Verified,” where instead of artists verifying their lyrics on the website, they get them in the office and on video explaining various bars and hooks from their songs.

Mac Miller was one of the first artists to stop by, and he decoded the lyrics behind his single with Anderson .Paak, “Dang!

The song is about constantly messing up in a relationship and eventually that being the reason why a relationship ends. It’s enhanced by .Paak’s soft-spoken hook over the bubbly and groovy production:

“I can’t keep on losing you/Over complications/Gone too soon/Wait,/we was just hangin’/I can’t seem to hold onto/Dang!/The people that know me best/The key that I won’t forget, too soon/I can’t keep on losing you”

Miler revealed, though, .Paak wrote the hook not about failed relationships but about people who had passed away in his life, which, as Mac points out, adds another layer of depth and an enhanced aura around the song. And somehow, even knowing the hook is about death, it doesn’t make the song any less fun. The magic of Anderson .Paak.

Watch the explanation of the hook and bars from multiple verses below.

Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine is out Friday.