Donald Glover Makes An Impromtu Song With Reggie Watts

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 14, 2016

Episode three of Donald Glover’s Atlanta arrived last night after the first two premiered last week. (You can watch the first one here.)

And despite the massive success and acclaim surrounding the premiere — a million people watched the first episode. In comparison, one of FX’s most successful half-hour shows, Louie, debuted with about the same amount of people — Donald Glover is still on his promotional horse stopping by James Corden’s The Late Late Show.

The style of Corden’s show has all the interviewees out at once, so Glover on the chair with NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson. But once it got around to Reggie Watts asking a question, he singled out Glover asking if he wanted to make a song right at that second.

Watts’ form of music making/comedy is completely improvisational, so once they agreed on a tempo and sound (“something sweet”), the two began jamming.

Glover started in a falsetto over Watts’ beat boxing before the full band kicked in and set the crowd into a groove while the two offered some James Brown-esque shrieks and dance moves that’d make Mick Jagger happy.

Corden and Glover also sang a bit of Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” beforehand — kind of: