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Nocando – “ER” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 14, 2016

A couple months ago, we premiered Nocando’s song “ER.” He described the song as a cross between the sounds of Westside Los Angeles and the temperament of someone from South Central LA.

Essentially, the song is about throwing hands at a girl’s ex because he’s done some “weird passive aggressive shit that would slide where they are from,” but clearly doesn’t slide from where Nocando is from. He eventually sends him to the emergency room.

Given the apologetic tones of the song — even though they’re drowned in sarcasm — Nocando wanted to make the following video feel like those of an era of over-the-top apologies: 80s and 90s rock.

This isn’t a specific example Nocando gave, but it’s decent baseline for what he was going for:

“I wanted this video to look and feel like the 90’s rock videos I used to watch through scrambled cable because we could afford cable consistently,” Nocando said, which explains the slightly grainy and sometimes distorted effect placed throughout the visual.

Nocando places himself in a warehouse in a caged enclosure, almost like he’s putting himself in the pen for his actions. He doesn’t really care, though, as he’s saying he’s sorry over the phone with a smirk the entire time.

The video is somewhat serious, in that when you look up “Nocando ER video,” you’ll find this. And if you didn’t have Nocando’s sense of sarcasm in the song ahead of time, you’d have no other reason to think it’s an ode to videos from the 90s. But it’s also humorous, in that he’s kicking it back to that era for the inspiration for this video, and that he’s making fun of it all at the same time, which sums up the song pretty well.

Watch the Jack Ker-directed video below.