Mick Jenkins Talks Mumble Rap, Neo-Soul Influence On Hot 97

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 15, 2016

Right around this time last year, Mick Jenkins made his first appearance at Hot 97 when dropped by Real Late with Peter Rosenberg. He was promoting his Wave[s] project then.

He’s dropping his debut album, The Healing Component, in eight days, so this time around, he’s bumped up to the main table with Rosenberg, Ebro and Laura Stylez for a lengthy discussion.

The four discussed his influences (he listened to a ton of neo-soul, from Sade to Jill Scott, D’Angelo and Phonte), what he thinks of other rappers not having the knowledge of “good music” he does (“It’s very individual its terms of what you came up listening to”), the sub-genre of mumble rap’s place in music and more.

He also delivered a freestyle over F.T.’s “Metal Thangz” at the end of the interview. This had to be one of Ebro’s happiest interviews this year, in that he could water down “mumble rap’s” influence and ask someone to freestyle and the rapper actually deliver.

Watch the interview below.