Kweku Collins – “Life Part II”

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 21, 2016

Kweku Collins has been a favorite of the DopeHouse for a minute now, and his outputs keeps getting more creative and mature. He recently stopped by the Audiomack Studios for DJ Booth to create a song, and his newest tune, “Life Part II,” is the result of that.

“After shuffling through beats for roughly 30 minutes, [Kweku] decided that rather than taking on a previously-created production, the best course of action was to craft an entirely new instrumental himself,” a description for a video detailing how he made the song said.

He then made the song and discussed the process in which he makes beats, chooses what the song is about, the cadence in which he delivers the words and more, too.

The song landed on a small EP released by DJ Booth consisting of a handful of upcoming talents including Dave B., Kelechi and others, which you can stream below.