Nocando – “El Camino”

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 21, 2016

“This song is inspired by the book The Wretched Of The Earth,” Nocando said about his new song, “El Camino.”

The Cali rapper takes an uncomfortable but honest approach to social issues on the tune, which has him rapping “black lives matter is just a popular phrase,” followed by a slew of derogatory terms trying to get across that the point that, no matter your race, color, gender or sexuality, life is a struggle for power.

“It was also inspired by the riots that ruined my city when I was a child,” he continued explaining his song on SoundCloud. “It was inspired by my unexplainable ambivalence toward the black lives matter hashtag. Colin Kaepernick’s sweet gesture, the growing pains of a people that realize that the authority isn’t the authority because of a superior moral or intelligence but because of power. It’s inspired by me and my friends, people who think like me.”

Listen to “El Camino” below.