Psymun – “Weakling”

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 21, 2016

Man, it’s been a while since we’ve heard something from that thestand4rd clique, hasn’t it? Outside of Allan Kingdom, who dropped Northern Lights at the beginning of the year, the rest — Bobby Raps, Corbin (fka Spooky Black) and Psymun — have all been pretty silent over the last calendar year.

Psymun was the first person I discovered from that MPLS crew, when his beats were dominating the “recommended” section on SoundCloud back in 2013, and he’s probably been the biggest recluse of all of them.

But he released his first song in over a year Tuesday with “Weakling.” Much like a bulk of his previous catalog, it’s shared with a layer of dust, but this one features bass-driven dance groove I haven’t heard — or at least remember hearing — from Psymun. There’s a short break in the song where distorted synthesizers slow the tempo a bit, but it soon returns to the groovy tones at the inception.

Listen to “Weakling” below.