Mick Jenkins Has ‘The Healing Component’ On His Debut Album

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 22, 2016

Mick Jenkins easily became one of the smartest rappers releasing music back when he dropped his Trees & Truths mixtape in 2013. He had just turned 22 at the time, but his layered lyrics dealing with religion, mortality and modern society sounded like they came from someone who’d experience adulthood two times over rather than someone who was entering it for the first time.

He extended and deepened his lyricism with his next two projects — The Water[s] and Wave[s] — as he preached about water’s literal importance and power on top of using it as a metaphor for the vices and habits that take control of our lives.

He’s at the other end of the hip-hop spectrum contrasting the likes of Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert, and just as they are not old heads’ cup of tea, Mick can get a little complicated for average listener. But that’s what writers — Mick is naturally a poet who then started to put his words over beats — try to improve on: simplifying what they’re trying to say in their own unique way.

Mick’s new album, The Healing Component, is just as hefty as his other albums. It’s 15 songs, and the features — outside of a BadBadNotGood (“Drowning“) and maybe theMIND and Noname, to those who visit the DopeHouse often — aren’t household name just yet. But they all serve a purpose toward the mantra that “love is the healing component,” as he explained to Zane Lowe when premiering “Fall Through.”

01 “THC”
02 “Spread Love”
03 “Daniel’s Bloom”
04 “Strange Love”
05 “This Type Love?” (Interlude)
06 “Drowning” f. BADBADNOTGOOD
07 “As Seen in Bethsaida” f. theMIND
08 “Communicate” f. Ravyn Lenae
09 “Plugged”
10 “1000 Xanx” f. theMIND
11 “Prosperity” f. theMIND
12 “Fall Through”
13 “Love, Robert Horry” f. jSTOCK
14 “Angels” f. Noname & Xavier Omar
15 “Fucked Up” (Outro) f. Michael Anthony

Stream the album below, and download The Healing Component on iTunes.