Rhythm Roulette w/ Jake One

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 22, 2016

Jake One has reached veteran status while producing music for more than 20 years spanning a wide-ranging group of artists like Rick Ross and Mayer Hawthorne (Tuxedo). Still relevant (and making some of his best music now), the Seattle producer’s latest additions on the DopeHouse have come producing music for the likes of Wale and Dave B.

He’s a perfect candidate for Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette challenge, and even he know it, saying he’s “finally” taking part. He hit up Spin Cycle in his hometown and picked up The Best Of Herbie Hancock, The Manhattans’ Forever By Your Side, and a record from Reverend E. Stanley Branch, which he was able to find some vocals and organs on.

Jake worked pretty swiftly pressing tons of buttons and keys along the way, trying to make the entire beat — percussion and all — from the records he chose.

Watch his challenge below.