Blu & Fa†e – “Oblivia” f. Milo & Open Mike Eagle

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 26, 2016

Blu & Fa†e are releasing their joint project, Open Your Optics To Optimism, on Wednesday.

In a new interview with Bandcamp, the two talked about how “Oblivia” — the penultimate song on the eight-track project featuring Milo and Open Mike Eagle — was the final song they recorded for the album and how Blu recorded his verse in severe pain right before getting a tooth extracted.

“We didn’t really have a record where it was just a rap cypher, where he could go out and just rap,” Fa†e told Bandcamp. “Milo’s rapping, Open Mike Eagle’s just rapping, there’s no hook—that’s it. It doesn’t necessarily fit into the theme of things as in, ‘Oh, he’s talking about space, he’s talking about time,’ it’s more of, ‘OK, we’ve created this world but Blu’s still a rapper. He still wants to rap here.’”

“Oblivia” is the song that least directly plays to the narrative of OYOTO, but Blu said — in a way — it still does. “Everybody had the cypher to open their mind up to anything,” he said. “To kind of be oblivious and at the same time, be tapped in.”

Listen to “Oblivia” below, and pre-order OYOTO on Bandcamp.

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“Oblivia” f. Milo & Open Mike Eagle