Marion Write – “Out Of Love” f. Aja

blame it on Shake September 26, 2016

Love is a wild subject. It’s one of the most appreciated and hated feeling people can relate to. It’s the reason many of us are born. But at the same time, it’s also the reason many of us can’t control ourselves. It can make you do the craziest things without thinking twice about it.

When it comes to love within a relationship, one’s career choice could have serious consequences and result in that love being lost. And for his latest drop, Vegas emcee Marion Write shares his perspective of the situation as a recording artist looking to make it in the industry.

“As much as we fall in, we fall out,” Write said via email. “As many times as I’ve fallen in and Out Of Love, I tend to think that it’s more of me than it is less of them. But what makes her fall out? Is it the artistry? Is it my calm nature? Am I too nice? Nonchalant? Oh, one more thing… shouts to Erykah Badu.”

With Aja on the hook and Chris Punsalan on the beat (of course), “Out Of Love” can be heard below.