Action Bronson Will Eat Anything, Including A Baby Turtle

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 28, 2016

If you saw one of the original episodes of Action Bronson‘s Fuck, That’s Delicious when it was just a web series and thought, “we should have Action Bronson on TV all the time,” we’re pretty close to accomplishing that.

Fuck, That’s Delicious has now been a TV show on VICE for two seasons, and he has another show on the same network where he and his friends (Meyhem Lauren, Big Body Bes, Alchemist and others) watch alien shows and get high. And now that he has these shows, he needs to promote them, which calls for more TV spots.

His most recent appearance came on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night, where they discusses his culinary endeavors including eating a baby turtle and cooking for the New York Mets.

He talked about the best meal he ever had, too. It was at the best restaurant in Asia, and consisted of the baby turtle as well as smoked rattlesnake, which he described as tasting like a strong beef broth.

Watch the full interview starting above and ending with the two clips below.