Donald Glover Dropped A New Song In ‘Atlanta’… But Not Really

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 28, 2016

The fifth episode of Donald Glover’s critically acclaimed show Atlanta (which just got renewed for a second season) aired last night.

The premise of the episode had Glover’s character, Earn, accidentally mingling with publicists — who all acted vague and fake assuming Earn was a fellow publicist, making fun of entertainment industry public relations people — while Paper Boy played in a charity basketball game.

In addition to Paper Boy, Jaleel White and Lloyd played in the game, and so did Justin Bieber — only it was Black Justin Bieber, who was intended to make fun of the real life white Justin Bieber by peeing on stuff and acting like a dick.

Black Bieber eventually stole the ball from Paper Boy and was going to dunk. But — tired of Bieber’s shit — Paper Boy took him down with a hard foul, which led to a scuffle, which led to an apologetic news conference where Bieber said the version of the him on the court was the “fake” version of himself. And after flipping his hat around — which read “Real” — he performed a new song and distracted everyone from how much of a dick he really is — just like White Bieber would do.

Here’s where Glover’s “new song” comes in.

The song played at the press conference was sang by Glover as was intentionally catchy and somewhat generic, which is the main reason why it was hard to believe this was an actual Childish Gambino song — though it sounds in the same Michael Jackson-influenced realm as “Sober.”

The song played from the final scene into the credits, so the first minute and 30 seconds of the two-minute clip are Earn and Paper Boy talking while the song plays in the background. The final 30 seconds have a better quality version of the tune.